A new restaurant in Lakewood is getting rave reviews

Jul 15, 2021 Package

A new eatery in Lakeview is getting glowing reviews.

The Lakewood Cafe, which opened Friday, is a nod to the iconic Chicago food scene and serves a fresh, local take on traditional French fare.

Owner Tanya Hensley said she came up with the idea to open a diner on Lakeview after seeing other eateries in the area.

She’s excited to have a place where diners can be entertained by music, stories and stories.

She said she has noticed the diners here have a different attitude to dining than at traditional restaurants.

The food is good, the service is good.

There’s no pretension.

We’re trying to be the counter to that.

“Lakewood Cafe will offer French and German fare.

It’s opening Friday with a menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a wide variety of cocktails.”

I like to have people come in and have a cocktail and just say, ‘Oh, it’s a great brunch, it was great.

It was so good,'” Hens, a former restaurant manager, said.”

It’s not about the food.

It has to be about the atmosphere.

“The cafe is in the first phase of a renovation, with more than $5 million planned to make it the “most modern” dining experience in Lakeland.

It’s also the first Chicago restaurant in more than 30 years to serve food from the restaurant, a franchise.

It serves lunch and dinners in a spacious kitchen and has a full bar.

Hens said she was inspired to open the diner after seeing the success of the Chicago-style dining scene.

It just felt like a natural fit.

Lakeview is home to many Chicago restaurants, including the renowned Bluebird Cafe and the new Cabbagetown Café.

Hens said Lakeview will have the same vibe.

The cafe will have two locations in the Lakeview area.

Harts mom, a chef, said the restaurant will be “more casual than Bluebird.”

It will also offer a menu with more contemporary dishes, like an Italian sausage, roasted chicken, spinach salad and smoked salmon.

Lakewood has been a hub for dining in Lake County for decades.

Its first restaurant opened in 1965 and has been the home of Chicagoans for decades, including many of the city’s famed restaurants.

It also has an indoor park and a bike path.

The restaurant is being funded through a $5.7 million grant from the Lake County Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

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