‘It’s Like A New Year’s Eve’ At Austin’s Best Gay Bars

Oct 14, 2021 Fees

An evening out in Austin, Texas is a time to revel in the best gay bars in town.

And while Austin has seen plenty of gay bars go through some significant changes in the past year, one has remained consistently top of the gay bars rankings for many years.

“We don’t get much better than Austin, even if we have some of the best restaurants in town,” says Austin-based photographer Matt Fournier.

Fourniers latest book, “A Place To Call Home,” features portraits of gay Austinites, showing them in a wide range of situations.

The book covers everything from the most intimate to the most public.

“A place to call home is a place that is safe, intimate, and inclusive,” Fournieri says.

“The gay scene in Austin is thriving and has more diversity and a bigger pool of artists than any other city in America.

It’s a city that’s not afraid to be a little bit out there.”

For the latest gay bar coverage, check out the gay bar scene in New York, London, and other cities.

The Austin Gay Bar: “It’s like a New Year.

It doesn’t mean it’s going to happen all at once, but it means you can do it all at the same time,” says photographer Matt Rocha.

Rochas recent book, The Art of Being Gay, features portraits from gay Austin bar owners.

“The gay community has a history of making a huge sacrifice for the greater good and supporting the arts, but there are times when we’ve got to have to step back,” says Rochasa.

Fournier says that the gay scene is a “huge and vibrant community,” with an incredible amount of talent.

“There’s a lot of different voices that exist that are not necessarily represented in the mainstream, but are very important to the community,” he says.

Rochas new book features portraits taken by Rochs friends and colleagues.

And there’s no shortage of great places to hang out.

“When I was a young boy in South Carolina, we’d get together at a bowling alley or a diner, and we’d all play darts and have a great time,” he tells National Review.

“Now, in Austin we go to gay bars and clubs and they are the best places to go out and meet people.

They’re the places that we go back to for our hangouts and to hangout and socialize and meet other people.”

Faunier, who has been photographing Austin bars for years, says the community can also be challenging.

“It can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out,” he explains.

“You’re really trying to figure out who you are and what you want to be when you grow up.”

If you would like to know more about Matt Ruchas book “The Art of being Gay,” visit his website at mattfournierphoto.com.

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