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Georgia is home to a stunning array of natural attractions

Georgias main attraction, Mount Tumakuru, has an estimated $3 million worth of mineral gems, gold and precious metals.

It’s the home of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and has been designated as one of Australia’s best spots to spot the world’s largest gem mines.

But Geelong’s main attractions are a far cry from the awe-inspiring beauty of Mount Tumbuka.

“It’s not as grand as Mount Tumanu but it’s quite different,” Geelong University lecturer and geographer Paul Kelly said.

“There are a number of other major gem deposits on Mount Tulu.”

Geelong is known for its mineral treasures, with some of the world ‘s most valuable gems found here.

But the city’s attractions aren’t all natural gems.

“Mount Tumbu is a popular destination for young people and tourists to go, as well as the local tourism industry,” Georgis tourism spokesman John Dickson said.

The National Geodetic-Intelliscent Information Centre is the nation’s largest geospatial and geospheric database.

Its information is used by the federal government and private sector to identify potential geospheres and their associated resources.

But it is not the only place Geelong has an eye on.

It is also a hub for mining, gold mining and other industries, with more than 200 mining facilities in the city.

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