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California men say women should stop using plastic bags for toiletries

California men have a new complaint: Women shouldn’t put their hands into their bags to flush them.

According to the California Association of Business and Professional Women, the state’s top business leaders have been urging women to not put their fingers in their bags as part of their personal hygiene.

In a letter, they wrote that the bags are the cause of more illnesses and health problems, including the spread of germs and the transmission of infectious diseases like hepatitis B and C.

The letter comes amid an epidemic of female genital mutilation, or FGM, in the United States, and a growing number of complaints about how women are being treated.

In California, the women’s group said women should be required to wipe their hands with a tissue before using the bathroom.

And if they choose to, they should use an open container or a tissue, the letter said.

In addition, women should also be required not to use a disposable diaper bag or a disposable cloth diaper bag, the group said.

Some other California business leaders also said the state should require women to wipe down their bags before using them.

The group also said it would ban plastic bags in California state parks.

“This is a public health issue,” said Diane Zilberman, the association’s executive director.

“If we can’t get our hands into our bags, how can we expect anyone to clean up?”

The letter also called on California lawmakers to “immediately implement” a ban on plastic bags, which the state has not yet done.

The California Assembly passed a measure to prohibit the use of plastic bags during construction work in January, and Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law in March.

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