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Trump signs bill authorizing military base closures

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday to create a temporary “temporary restriction” on all military bases in the U.S., while also authorizing the construction of a new Marine Corps base and the construction or upgrading of the Coast Guard’s facilities in South Carolina.

The order signed by Trump comes amid a push by the White House and congressional Republicans to restrict the military’s ability to expand, and at the same time to allow it to increase the size of its personnel, to meet the needs of the American people, while still maintaining a robust presence in the country.

“This temporary restriction will be in place until further notice, and will remain in place indefinitely,” Trump wrote in the executive order.

“The temporary restriction is designed to give the Armed Forces the flexibility to focus on their mission while still ensuring that all necessary assets are provided.”

Trump’s order directs the military to start the construction work of the new Marine base in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 2017.

“This new Marine Marine Corps Base and other facilities will be constructed in an orderly and consistent manner that will allow for the construction to begin as soon as possible, in order to maximize the efficiency of the U,S.

military, and minimize the impact on our military readiness,” the order says.

The new base is being built in partnership with the Myrtle and Augusta counties, as well as with private firms.

The base is slated to open in 2019, and the Marines will be responsible for security, and construction work will be overseen by the Department of Defense’s Bureau of Operational Readiness.

The base is expected to house approximately 5,000 Marines.

Trump’s order says that the new base will be located in the Charleston region, a city that has seen an uptick in violence in recent months.

The president also directed the military not to “make any changes to any military facility currently under construction or to any existing military facility.”

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