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What you need to know about Pennsylvania’s annual pumpkin patch parade

By John Stonestreet and Peter HesslerThe National Pumpkin Patch is a weeklong celebration of the autumn season, the annual time for Americans to dress up and indulge in all manner of seasonal goodies.

But for the first time, Pennsylvania will be taking a page from Ohio and taking the season-long event into its own backyard.

The event will be held at the University of Pennsylvania, and will be open to all Pennsylvanians, including residents of the Keystone State.

There will be no admission fee.

It will be the first state-sanctioned annual pumpkin festival in the U.S., and its organizers say it will be a chance for Pennsylvaniaans to dress like the residents of Keystone, a region that includes Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh, Bucks County.

The parade will be on Friday, Oct. 16, the first day of the pumpkin season, and it will include performances, crafts, and entertainment, said Laura Mays, the state’s parks commissioner.

Pumpkin patches and costumes are encouraged.

However, anyone who wants to dress as a pumpkin should dress up in a costume of their choice, Mays said.

The National Poppy Patch will also have a pumpkin patch cook-off on Saturday, Oct, 17.

The Pennsylvania State Fairgrounds, which has been home to the state fair since 1932, will host a pumpkin-picking contest, pumpkin carving contest, and a carnival-themed scavenger hunt, said Julie Pizzi, a spokeswoman for the fairgrounds.

There are no admission fees.

For the first year of the festival, there will be pumpkin patch parades in all 50 states.

There won’t be a national one.

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